Not really a shortcut but it happened to me accidentally. Commentaire de diehard I easily soloed as 67 dk its no 3 man quest: He’s in the top level of the Northern Cave in Warmaul Hill. Commentaire de Vlad Gives you a idea how you could solo it, tough I got interrupted. Commentaire de ivegonediving As of patch 4. P gets refreshed with flay.

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Gardez à l’esprit les points suivant avant de poster un commentaire: Use Soulshatter if you pull aggro off the pet. There is an open path on the backside bordering Zangarmarsh that you can walk in and drop him for the key. Use all booodstrike every other three chrages of holy use word of glory for heals. Then follow the path for a bit, keeping to the left.

Commentaire de Css Solo’d as Frost mage level Just kept hammering him, with hloodstrike aura up. Commentaire de PinkSamurai I died in the cave during a spike in latency and found it difficult to find my way back from the grave, so I thought I’ll post the coordinates in case someone else gets lost too: Hopping down and flayed until he was out of range. Made sure I had Commanding Shout up before starting and charged in. Once he reaches you dps until he breaks your new bubble.

Cho’war le Pilleur – Quête – World of Warcraft

Rinse, repeat until dead. In order to maximise my damage, I put Deadly poison on my offhand. Don’t waste time trying to stun–he’s immune. bloorstrike


map cs bloodstrike 1 way

Your own results may vary, so have fun: He is a tough fight for many 67s and he is relentless. When inside this cave you’ll notice that there is another floor to this cave with mobs above you.

Commentaire de Realdamage Cd as Ele shammy, lvl 67 did use the earth elemental totem: Commentaire de Relativity Fairly easily soloed as 65 feral druid with bkoodstrike 1. I didn’t even have to use a pot.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

Not really wwy shortcut but it happened bloodstike me accidentally. Commentaire de zkrucial Solo’d as a 66 Blood DK. Just heal the earth ele if he needs a heal than just Lava burst Flame shock Earthshock, Lightning bolt So u can solo it.

Telecharger map bloodstrike 1 way cs

Commentaire de Revenwyn Did it solo today as a level 66 prot pally. Commentaire de gibbly Solo’d as a 67 Enh shammy in BoAs with zero difficulty. Take out all bloodztrike preceding ogres quickly and start on Cho’war as soon as you’re ready.

Commentaire de Pryltsyk Soloed as lvl 67 enchantment shaman, If u are enchantment shaman put ur strength of earth totem, healing stream and windfury totems, start fight with earth shock and pop ur shamanic rage and gift of the naaru alliancewhen those cooldowns are ending pop spirit wolves, then just kill him, you might have to make some instant cast healing waves cause he hit you about 1,7k mortal strikes.

I can solo it as a paladin by outlasting him.


map cs bloodstrike 1 way

You’re on the lower level when you enter the cave; fight your way to the back and then a path will lead to the entrance to the upper level. Did use Lichborne at the start though to get some dodge This is wa a prime example bloldstrike to exploit pathing to effectively solo difficult mobs with a hunter. Commentaire de Gigabear This mob’s pockets have been removed recently, likely to block glyph of disguise from copying him.

Commentaire de smtroll75 Slapped him upside the head twice with my lvl 65 Prot Paly. Kited him down the ramp and up again. Commentaire de Vereesa Soloed as a 67 Sub Rogue. Run up, send in the pet with « Growl » turned off and activate « Mend Pet » right away apart from making sure that your pet won’t die, this will aggro him towards you in case he’s out of sight after you have jumped down.

Telecharger gratuit carte cs bloodstrike 1 way

I was able to bandage and get back in to finish him off. Bloodstirke de lorrel Simply put: Commentaire de Jaece Soloed this at 69 as a prot Warrior. Chances are he’ll already be following you because of the aggro from « Mend Pet ».